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Office of Administrative Hearings - Decisions

ThomsonReuters, the official publisher of the North Carolina Administrative Law Judge decisions, provides
search capability of the published decisions for Westlaw subscription users through Westlaw's web page at

Published decisions issued after January 1, 2017 can be found using the case search function box located below the decision table. Decisions published prior to 2017 will remain in the old decision table and will not appear in the search results.

ABC - Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission
BAR - Board of Law Examiners
BBE - Board of Barber Examiners
BCA - Board of Cosmetic Arts Examiners
BDA - Board of Dental Examiners
BLA - Board of Landscape Architects
BME - Board of Medical Examiners
BMS - Board of Mortuary Science
BMT - Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy
BOA - Board of Architecture
BOE - Board of Elections
BOG - Board of Licensing Geologists
BON - Board of Nursing
BSW - Social Work Certification and Licensure Board
CFA - Auctioneers Licensing Board
COM - Department of Commerce
CPA - Certified Public Accountant Examiners Board
CPS - Crime Control & Public Safety
CTY - City of ...
DAG - Department of Agriculture
DCR - Department of Cultural Resources

DHR - Department of Health & Human Services
   CRA - Credit Reporting Agency
   CSE - Child Support Enforcement
   DCS - Distribution Child Support
   DHR - Department of Health and Human Services

DOA - Department of Administration
DOC - Department of Correction
DOJ - Department of Justice
DOL - Department of Labor
DOT - Department of Transportation
DSA - Department of State Auditor
DSC - Debt Setoff Collection
DST - Department of State Treasurer
EBD - State Ethics Commission
EDC - Department of Public Instruction
EHR - Department of Environment & Natural Resources
ELS - Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors
ESC - Employment Security Commission
GOV - Office of the Governor
HAF - Hearing Aid Dealers and Fitters Board
HRC - Human Relations Commission
INS - Department of Insurance
LBC - Licensing Board for General Contractors
LLB - Locksmith Licensing Board
LPC - Board of Licensed Professional Counselors
MIS - Miscellaneous
NHA - Board of Examiners for Nursing Home Administrators
OAH - Office Of Administrative Hearings
OSP - Office of State Personnel
RCB - Respiratory Care Board
REC - Real Estate Commission
REV - Department of Revenue
SAP - Substance Abuse Professional Certification Board
SOS - Department of Secretary of State
TFC - Teaching Fellows Commission
UNC - UNC Hospitals
WCC- Well Contractor's Certification Commission
WRC- Wildlife Resources Commission



To begin, enter either a specific case number OR at least one search parameter, then click Search. If there are any cases with a published decision matching the search request, they will be listed. Decisions published prior to 2017 will remain in the old decision table and will not appear in the search results. In the search result list, click on a case number to see the case information, then click on Docket to see the decision entry, then click the document icon to open and view the decision.

Search criteria format: OAH Case Number - use the assigned OAH case number, or use one or more case parameters as follows: Petitioner (name as listed in the case caption), Respondent (name as listed in the case caption), Case Status, Case Category (OAH defined category), Case Type (OAH defined category type), District (OAH defined court district), and Judge (list includes current and previous ALJ's). Petitioner and respondent names must exactly match the case information but you may use the wildcard character % to expand the search results. Wildcards can be used at the start, end, inside or surrounding the search text. Questions should be directed to OAH at (919) 431-3000.